Fleet helicopters have operated bases from far North Queensland to the Hunter Valley in NSW but recently, with the aim of increased efficiency, fleet helicopters operations were centralised in our head office in Armidale, New South Wales. (overall goal). Fleet helicopters regularly supports the Thousands of kilometres of power lines throughout the New England, North West, Mid North Coast Central west and Hunter Valley regions of NSW. Providing services such as

  • Low level aerial patrols
  • Power pole transport and placement
  • Power line stringing
  • General equipment transfers
  • Providing high quality, safe, cost effective helicopter services Australia wide

Scenic flights

We are providing customers, a mild or wild adventure that they will never forget. One of fleet helicopters friendly staff can begin designing an adventure for you. Offering multi-award winning scenic flights and adventures throughout the spectacular wild river gorges and new England North West region. Providing first class fixed wing and helicopter charter services to any destination within Australia. Catering to your needs whether it be accessing a remote job site, or luxury executive jet transfer to the other side of the continent.

Flight Training

Offering the complete package of flight training, real world commercial experience, operations and maintenance. Flying through rugged terrain and high altitude and exposure you will get to real world experience first hand. Providing on going source of check and training to ensure a high standard of flight competency. One of the only rural based training schools in Australia. Providing students with the opportunity to train in the unique high altitude of the New England plateau, while being exposed to the daily operations of a commercial company. Offering a wide range of services to aviation companies throughout the company, providing coursed for specialised training of commercial and private pilots.

 Aerial work and Charter

We are Providing a safe, efficient and high quality services to clients enables fleet helicopters to tailor a solution to perfectly fit your needs. Aerial crane providing the benefit of fast and efficient placement of equipment into otherwise inaccessible sites. We have always supported parks and wildlife services throughout New South Wales and Queensland. Providing first class aerial filming and photography services. Including environmental impact studies, wildlife surveys, property inspection, aerial mapping, proposed infrastructure, planning assessment, feature films, T.V. productions and advertising. Getting jobs such as dealing with bush fires, stringing power-lines, mustering cattle, aerial work in the remote outback or helicopter training- getting the job done safely and efficiently. Providing services when called upon, whether it be Christmas day or early Monday morning, we pride ourselves on our swift and rapid response.

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