Fleet Company was established in 1983 for the purpose of superphosphate application in the northern tablelands region. We have had Over 20 years experience in providing high quality helicopter solutions to diverse range of industries. Dealing with Diverse operations ranging from bush fires, stringing power-lines, mustering cattle and aerial cranework in the remote outback to helicopter training and award winning scenic flights.

Since the formation of fleet helicopters the company has concentrated mainly on rotary wing applications, operating bell UH-1H Iroquois, AS 350 Squirrels, Bell 206 Long Rangers, Bell 206 Jet Rangers, MD500’s, R22’s, H300’s and Bell 47 helicopters. All the Permanent pilots have been trained by the company's flight training division, fleet helicopter flight training school.

The company recognised the need to ensure the continuing availability of pilots trained to our own uncompromising standards, found ourselves in the unique position of being able to offer a student exposure to all aspects of the industry whilst undergoing their training. We pride ourselves on the high quality helicopter solutions to a diverse range of industries. 


Commercial helicopters (Sister company)

Commercial Helicopters is the sister company of Fleet helicopters. They are also a Professional helicopter operator with over 25 years in the aviation industry. We Provide tourists with unforgettable experiences. Commercial helicopters operates a hugely successful ‘air-work’ business, providing helicopters for the agricultural industry, firefighting and other emergency services, as well as general charter. We take you on amazing adventures such as the Mudgee winery experience, the winery explorer, The country pub fly-a-way and the ultimate winery day out or make it up as you go. Its a day Day out you’ll never forget in the Mudgee region. Day trips to out of the way pubs, luxury lunches at the regions world class wineries.


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